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talksWhen you meet someone online , after a while you like to get to know eachother better, i appreciate that , understand that. But what i did not understand is the need to talk about sex online. Seeing sex as a deeply spiritual experience or a learning experience , it’s something that i would rather talk about in person. If it’s a one night stand , or a deeply life long commitment , sex is a way of expressing your need to be one with someone else, even if that is showing that by exchanging bodyfluids in a bush near school , or after a good drinking binge with your friends.Please understand that i don’t think there is anything wrong with casual sex , that is not the point. The point i guess  is the useless exchange of very intimate details off one’s desires with someone you are probably not going to meet in real life , an internet affaire.

As a believer in the Force , i  can see how you meet someone and fall in love , or , just want sex , even casual , that you both need this and that nothing can stop you. There is nothing wrong with that. I guess i don’t understand why i should have to exchange these things online. Maybe it’s because i don’t understand people getting aroused by that kind of talk , it only has effect on me when you whisper it  in in my ears. Maybe i don’t understand the online generation at all. You know , i am probably just too old loll.

And as a believer in the Force i can see that i had to learn a thing or two about the men online. It took me a long time to figure that one out. Although, i have only been online really for 2 years dabbling in online communities. First , men are hardly ever who they say they are , if they are , cherish them , they are rare. Second , there is the type that will start about sex in the third sentence and there is the type that never will. Third , i learned that if people don’t want to meet me in real life, i am not really that interested in them anymore, i know the distance is often a deal breaker but still , come on , i don’t live on another planet do i , and neither do you. And if it’s really impossible to meet there is always videochat.

And lastly , i have met some really wonderful people online that i love to chat with and that i love as much as my real life friends , they are precious to me.

I realise that the Jedi community is something that is mainly online , but i have noticed, and i don’t want to offend anyone or degrade the experience but that is not really my thing. Having seen people really being damaged by what goes on in online communities , i have concluded and decided to keep some things to myself , or , to put it better , i have decided to share some things only with people , face to face.  And with sex , like so many things in my life , i don’t really like to talk about it that much  😉

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