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conflict Trouble seemed to be my middle name, never understood why trouble used to follow me around like a puppy  wherever I went. It’s so hard to shut up when there is injustice and  difficult not to act on other people’s behalf when you know it can help them or even stop the problem. The challenge  however is to learn people to stand up for themselves and to teach them to take care of their own business , so they don’t get into trouble so easy. On the other side , learning not to get involved if things feel wrong is a great tactic  , but it can hold you  and others back from learning a lesson , facing it head on seems to  be scarier but better in the long run. Many find it hard to do the right thing , even in the Jedi community , they avoid it. Because of fear , fear to cause conflict, fear of confrontation. Others are too provocative , too confronting , i think the answers lay in the middle somewhere …seeking balance, respect , empathy in conflict.

This world is filled with injustice and pain and heartbreak. I cannot say yet that I don’t look for trouble  at all, i mean the existence of this blog for instance. Many battles used to come to me in my work as a Social Worker so there was no shortage of learning moments and moments where I could  be of value , but sometimes I do take up the sword of the Law and wave it around and expose wrongdoings, and I do stamp on the floor till I get my own way ( mostly the way of the Law anyway ). Very passionate as I am. I do get into trouble sometimes and still have a lot to learn. Because as Jedi we are not meant to cause harm. I am overprotective and can be aggressive at times , and that is seeking trouble , I know I know , still learning .. The important thing to realise is that even if we are not perfect we can all learn to be a light , a real light , calm , strong , in control , even tall ..if we dare.

The Jedi seems to blossom during trouble , that is true , tackling trouble and getting to its source can be a very enlightening and growing experience in which we learn more about ourselves and the way we confront trouble in our lives and in the lives of others. And if we are open to the lessons we learn to deal with conflict better. 


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