What is the Master? | Ways of the Force

By:  Wescli Wardest

   It is always interesting to me to watch as people try to describe qualities or traits they assign to someone as they would a thing. I have seen and read people talking about masters being stoic or in touch with their emotional experience or wise or whatever.  Always seems to be the traits they wish to acquire or for others to see in them one day. In short, another mask.


   Rather than assigning traits to something one obviously doesn’t understand ask yourself, “who” is the master?  I will tell you right now that every actual, real master I have ever met, read about or heard about knows that they are not “the Master.”  It is just a mask or role one plays for another that needs the Master in their lives at that point in time. One takes on the role. It is not some mythical state of being where one is endowed with some supernatural understanding or power.  It is a relationship. The master cannot assert his authority on another because the role has no inherent authority independent of the student or apprentice. It is the student or apprentice that grants that authority to the role.

There are people in the world, for whatever reason, will present themselves as wise.  They may be smart, experienced, clever, silver tongued, charming or seem to have some authority.   These are what I like to refer to as false gurus. There are many TV evangelist that fit this build.  They will tell you how they are just instruments and have no power or authority yet will condemn, preach and bless with absolute conviction with all the skill of the Accuser himself. Confusing those they prey on to joining their belief system and causes.  I would caution everyone… if someone tells you that they can give you and answer, show you the way or correct your path… tell you how you should see or view something or how one way thought or belief is right over another then buyer beware. If someone tells you the qualities a master should possess or what to look for to identify a master, they are most likely setting you up to buy something. Usually, justifying why you should believe them to be your master.

   Good examples of Masters can easily be found in Star Wars.  Go and look, see if Obi-Wan Kenobi ever introduces himself as Master.  Or Qui-gon Jinn? Or Yoda? Or any of the Masters! Others will refer to them as master.  And others will refer to Knights as Master. Anyone ever catch that? Sure, within the Jedi Order there is a rank that is called Master.  And that is bestowed on the individual by their peers. It is never something that is cast on oneself. And if one has this title or relationship, they do not flaunt it, refer to themselves by it or explain their qualities to others for them to associate them by the term.  I wonder why that is? Look at the Obi-wan Anakin relationship. Annikin calls Obi-wan master before Obi-wan is on the Jedi Council. And other Jedi just refer to him as Obi-wan. Again, this shows the relationship of authority and who is granting who the authority over them.

And now we need to look at ourselves and what is Master in our lives.  What is it that you give authority over you? What is your master? And, who are the Masters that you know of?  Are they “your” Master? Or are they master to someone else? And do they expect you to treat them as their student or apprentices do?  Would they be your Master? The world is full of illusion because of the masks people wear. See past the mask! Know yourself, and be aware.

About Wescli Wardest : I was asked to write, “An introduction about who you are and what Mook is about, just a few lines.”  So, who am I? I am really just a guy. I am… me! LOL I suppose people might want more than that though.  So I can tell you things that I have done and/or the position I hold at MOoK. First, what is MOoK? It is the Monastic Order of Knights. What is that you ask?  Well, it is an order that is similar (and different) from other Jedi sites.  We focus on the individuals growth through self-exploration and service to others.  Our beliefs are stated on our homepage

“In a unifying force, and the sanctity of all life.

In a society that does not discriminate.

In the separation of religion and government.

In a society governed by laws grounded in reason and compassion, not in fear or prejudice.

In the opposition to the use of punishments that are cruel and or excessive to include torture.

In an absolute morality not defined by the influence of ethics, culture, religion or changes over time.

In the importance of freedom, conscience and self-determination within all structures.

And the positive influence of spiritual growth and awareness on society.”

And this common belief is core to what we do.

Now, back to who I am.  Well, that can really only be determined by getting to know me.  But the office I hold at MOoK is Knight Commander. That is like the president of the organization. 

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  1. Thomas White says:

    I really appreciate the transient view of the title and it brings me an idea for a possible entry on my own blog. I’ll link back here if I end up posting it of course. Thank you for your article

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