What’s in a name?

What does it mean to be Jedi? There is only a loose structure telling us what it is. The Jedi code, among other things. I was watching a tribute to Superman as he turns 80 on the 18th of April. They said what he stood for is noble “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” Someone to that said “you could make a religion out of that.”  We have done that we have made a religion a community of people who practice together, who practice alone but identify themselves as Jedi.

For me nothing has ever fit to what I believe in, then Jedi. Therefore I am a Jedi. It is a religion that people can choose to be. Has been recognized in Australia and England in the census. Yet in the in end we are based on older religions, yes. We also are very individualized because we must conceptualize everything about the Jedi religion. Are we banned from being a religion? No. Shakespeare wrote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Meaning it does not matter what you call yourself. The path you walk is your own path even if you are walking together in a group. I’m just happy there are other people who identify themselves as Jedi.

Answers can be found in meditation. When the waters are still only then can you see a reflection of the world.

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