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Power of words

By : Jesse Lee Alexander

Let it be known that some of the following historical uses of Magic words though accurate do not necessarily reflect the views of this author and his own system of Magical Practice.

You may have heard in the bible the phrase, “In the beginning was the word”. Though some have speculated what that word was, it is clear that language and thought are the tools of creation put forth for us to harness are own creative nature. Have you ever seen a cartoon that featured a magician or a genie? Sometimes when using magic to manifest things out of thin air or pulling a rabbit out of a hat these characters may use a word that is very old and has very real significance within our world and that word is “ABRACADABRA”, yes that’s right that funny word you see in cartoons is a real word and it means, “I create as I speak.” The real origin of the word is veiled in mystery with many theories as to where its origin sprang from but the first known use in literature of the word arose from a book from the 3rd century AD called “Liber Medicinalis” by Quintus Serenus Sammonicus a physician to the Roman Emperor Caracalla. Abracadabra was and is believed to have the powers to create and to heal and is used by magic practitioners to engrave amulets for healing. Some believe the words stems from Latin and Greek word “Abraxas” but there is not enough sufficient evidence to prove this connection other than sounding somewhat similar. Abraxas is a word of mystic meaning in the system of the Gnostic Basilides, and is being there applied to “The Great Archon”. The word Abraxas depending on its historical regions of use has taken on many forms such as a God an Archon, Aeon, as well as being used as being viewed as a demon. The word has been found in such texts as the Gnostic book “Holy Book of Invisible Spirit” and also appears in Greek Magical Papyri as well as being engraved in gemstones called “Abraxas Stones”.

What is Magic?

Before going any further I feel it is necessary to explain what magic is so that you may see the relationship between magic and the power of words. The term magic is derived from Old French magique, Latin magicus, and Greek magikos. One of the earliest definitions of magic is the “art of influencing events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces”. The universe holds many natural forces, and these “Forces” are the engines which control the behaviours of sound, light, vibration and frequency. Learning how to use these forces we can then learn how to control energy and when we control energy we can manifest these energies into physical things to a certain degree.

We can tap into magic by using a combination of Magic words in accordance with their vibrations, and the power of thought which is the lesser of the carriers for magic to occur. It is the Vibration that carries the magic out, the thought is only the manifestation of the mind getting ready for transference of power to vibration. Magic is all about focus and intent and putting both into action by the use of Sound “Vibration” to carry out your intentions to be made manifest into the physical realm. Magic is in essence what some may call the law of attraction, they only call it that because of the negative connotations that the term “Magic” has attached to it.

In 1999 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace hit the silver screen and we were reintroduced to a galaxy far, far away… and with this reintroduction came a new group of characters to the story, my favorite of course being Qui-Gon Jinn. Do you remember when Qui-Gon knelt before a young Anakin Skywalker and said to him “Always remember, your focus determines your reality”, and when Anakin’s focus shifted from being that hopeful young padawan learner soon to be Jedi and started focusing on things such as the separation between himself and his mother a darkness started to grow in him and when he lost his mother and slaughtered a camp full of Tusken Raiders that he lived with that guilt and it consumed him eventually being part of the catalyst which turned Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader because he was only focusing only on the negativity in his life instead of focusing on the good. We have all heard the phrase “Violence begets more violence”, and it is very true as well as the other phrase two wrongs don’t make a right.

Vibration is also the tool by which psychic phenomena does work. I can recall personally that myself and my sister have actually had moments like Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia have had. I can remember a few times throughout my life where I had fallen to depression due to my lack of understanding of how vibration works. I would be in a total state of depression and having not told my sister and her being at her house she would call me asking what was wrong because I was sending out the negative vibrations into the universe and when there is already a connection between family the vibrations carry out into cords of invisible energy that connect everyone. This accounts also for the ability to change the mood in a room simply by your presence and how you are feeling at the time, just like the old saying the tension is so thick you can cut it with a butter knife. That tension is the invisible energy that I am speaking of, however through the power of kind words and actions we can literally transform the energy in the room simply by our own personal will and willingness to create harmony in the world.

This means that happiness, abundance, and prosperity can all be influenced by deciding to change your mind and view life in a greater more positive direction and influencing the world around you by broadcasting these positive things with the power of your words.  This is the true power tool of a Jedi, thoughts beget words, words beget vibrations, vibrations beget actions and actions beget change. May the Force be with you all

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