Meditation and Depression Observational Technique by ~Aurora

Schermafdruk 2018-03-21 21.25.22I have severe depression, Schizoaffective Bi Polar type with rapid cycling also Social Communication Disorder. I am on medication and it is important, but another pillar is meditation.

When pain starts the key is to detach and observe. Consider why this pain is here. Then like the fall of rain you must just wait for it to pass. This technique has helped me a great deal and I wanted to share it with others.

So when you start to feel pain consider why you feel that way. Take meditative steps to calm your mind and question why you are feeling the way that you do. Breathe in slowly and relax. Do not allow it to grow, but allow it to be, allow it to pass. Sometimes we take on wrong reasons when depression starts, our thinking is skewed.  This brings us back to being centered. Forgetting ourselves, and looking at things dynamically from other points of view.

The most important part is to detach and observe. They are your feelings, but you are not your feelings. Sometimes people have more storms than others in their lives, and it can be quite hard to deal with. With this technique you can look from outside yourself and observe your feelings.  Most of the time I just wonder why is it here, did anything trigger it? Most of the time it is just part of the storm that is here. If I was in my front mind which most people are, I might get lost and think that my hurt is because of something that it is not. This technique also works for when your feelings are triggered by something specific. Look at it as a problem you must see the problem before you can solve the problem. It is important to let it pass, these burdens of the mind only weigh us down and do us no good to hold onto.

So detach and observe…

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1 Response to Meditation and Depression Observational Technique by ~Aurora

  1. Aurora Dizon says:

    This technique has helped me quite a bit to distance myself from my depression. I have very severe depression as well. It is clinical and has been hard to deal with, but with this technique I have been able to distance myself from the emotions and then they don’t spiral. When I observe the emotion it goes away on its own after a little while especially when it can’t take a hold of me. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse. I will continue to try my best to distance myself and observe.

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