“You must learn the Ways of the Force” Obi Wan Kenobi

Sometimes we cannot predict where the Force will lead us , we stray , come back to our roots , but what we do know is that the Force is not a still , the Force moves , keeps everything together and pulls everything brutally apart.

Our old website will cease to exist in a few days , that is a loss , but there is a solution to every loss and that is birth , like in spring. My favourite season is spring , like autumn it holds the most change. Change can come with pain , but change can hold gratitude and serenity.

Welcome to our WordPress site , we hope you will feel at home here soon , we still have our facebook page where we can chat , communicate. And we even might have a forum too for those meditation and workout lessons ! And to chat about the Force off course.

If you want to contribute please let us know , we are always looking for interesting articles about the Force and the Jedi community!


May the Force be with you and guide you


About Serenity

Jedi, Writer , Growing , Struggling, Emotional, Saved but always a little Lost
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