Doubt and the Force

by Serenity

We all have doubts. We doubt ourselves our surroundings and our path.  I don’t know one person that didn’t have doubts about the path they were following.  I don’t think that if you have doubts that you don’t trust in the Force. I think that doubt can be a valuable guide into a new way of thinking, of changing plans, and a way of life with increased awareness.

 Galileo Galilei was an Italian polymath. He coined a phrase that professes self-doubt to be “the father of all invention.” He argues that instead of being “a crippling experience,” self-doubt should generate creativity and serve as a powerful stimulus. We all know the phrase “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”  But is that realistic?

 Firstly, doubt makes you question things. And people. Having doubts about new information, experiences and relationships can save you a ton of time, and potential headaches. A healthy amount of doubt is more like critical thinking, and can help you gain a clearer perspective on things. And therefore doubt helps you improve. If you ask people what they want, they are very likely to choose something that benefits them in that moment, but being excessively confident and assured with something often makes us overlook bits of information that could make our lives so much easier in the long run.

 Doubt  makes us question the current state of affairs and can help us see the bigger picture to initiate progress. We are better equipped to set goals that way. Although doubting your capabilities can be crippling,  it can also encourage you to find ways to cope with your inner fears and you may be better prepared for what comes your way, because you thought things over just a little more carefully and with consideration of far more alternatives than excessively confident people. Doubt helps us improve by questioning the status quo.

 Doubting your decisions broadens your perspective and makes sure your brain is always on the lookout for new ideas and possible solutions. You might also discover and eventually confront things in your personal life that have been dragging you down. Doubt can be an extremely powerful motivator, regardless of whether it’s caused by your surroundings or coming from within.  But doubts or no doubts, be and live aware. Seek the  positive, stay eager to learn and make things work for you. I am sure with trust in the Force, and some doubt, you can come a long way.

 It’s really all just a matter of perspective.

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