Forget Yourself

by Aurora

You must grow in wisdom as you grow in the Force. If you are ruled by emotions you are not awake, and by all means considered still asleep. We must forget ourselves, forget the world around us that is seen through the distorted lens of our “own point of view”.  In order to allow answers to come to us in meditation, you must forget yourself.

 It is easy to run yourself in an automatic way. The front of the mind mindlessly dealing with everything.  We need to reach back, quiet our mind and seek the subconscious. Throw out thoughts or allow them to evaporate from your mind. Another thought may come and allow it to leave or throw it out the same. Be at peace, concentrate on nothing, relax and just be. Forget everything. Just be.

 When you are not meditating, be mindful, be present in the present situation. We miss so much of life because we are not present in the present. This moment is the one that counts.

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