The Will of the Force

by Streen

 Over the past few years, a subject has come to mind, and to discussion boards all throughout the Jedi community, about the Will of the Force.  Often times it is not described as such, but rather spoken in terms of the idea that a God would allow such horrible things to happen on this planet when “He” could clearly step in a stop it.

The defense to this argument often leads to the point that we all have free will.  The Force would not stop anything from happening if it interfered with our right to make our own choices.  However, many believe this to be their reason for not believing in a divine power.  After all, what divinity would create such a broken world?

This is where the fault lies: not in the Force, not in a God, but squarely on our shoulders.  However you believe the planet was made, whether by direct creation, random chance, or a mix of both, it was made perfect.  There were no wars to have been fought, no crimes to have been committed.  It has been human nature that has brought these atrocities into reality, and until we recognize that and stop blaming God, we will never have control over our savage mentality.

Our focus determines our reality.  If we focus on fighting, that’s all we’ll ever accomplish.  However, if we focus on peace—inwardly and outwardly—we might just have a chance at bringing the world back to a state of tranquility in which no man or woman or child has to die by the gun or the sword.

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