A Few Words on the Force

by Wescli Wardest

To continue with the thoughts and descriptions originally associated with it in the Star Wars movies, it is an energy field that penetrates and binds all matter together. Life creates it and is created by it.  So I thought about this quite a bit over the last several years.  What does it mean? To create or be able to hold life and matter together would mean having some kind of control over said things.  But the idea that life creates it got me wondering if it was some kind of relationship as animals and plants.  One creating what the other needs.  And then I remembered—what many consider to be a sad attempt at explaining away the supernatural level of the Force—the midichlorians. Qui-gon Jinn: “Without the midichlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force.” And I will admit that at first, I was one of the people that hated this line of thought and explanation.  Until I realized what it could mean.

The Force created the universe. Where did the Force come from?  We cannot understand that and I’ll tell you why.  We are a part of the universe. To be a part of everything you must exist.  That means that you have some kind of matter, at some point in time and you have to be at some point in space.  That which has the ability to create all this, bring life into existence and provide a level of order or create the sequence of events we call time, has to be outside of it all to create it. And so, the Force can come from nowhere that we would understand.  Nor would it be limited by anything in the universe it created.

 So how do the midichlorians let us know of the Force and allow life to exist? Well, first off they are not bugs that live inside us telling us of the Force.  They are our connection with the Force.  Of course we have no way to measure them or detect them.  Shoot, they are just a made up movie explanation as to how and why something in the movie is.  Fiction, people!  But they can show us the symbolism in what is here.  Our connection to the Force.  And without that connection we would not know of the existence of the Force.  We wouldn’t be able to hear it speaking to us.  And we probably would not be as aware as we are.  Maybe even to the point of not being self-aware.

 Some might say that it is our connection to the divine.  Kind of like the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” as it is so poorly translated so often.  I have also found so many similarities in other religions and their interpretations of “God” with the Force. And I sometimes have to wonder if like Sir Joseph Campbell alluded to in so many of his books and interviews, the level of connection between the world religions, people and how we create our religions.

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