Chaos and Harmony

by Serenity

As we walk through life it becomes clear that peace is not our natural state.  We are always looking for something to do, afraid of getting bored and we want to be entertained constantly. The times that we see what is beautiful around us are becoming fewer and fewer, and we are turning more and more inwards while we dump our every little pain onto Facebook. Everything in this society is built to make us think we are missing something. All day we get messages that we need this and that, and more and more we cannot cope with all that mayhem around us.  Our children are distracted and cannot concentrate, and then get drugged, because they need drugs so we can handle them? We are programmed to find comfort and to be comfortable until a point where we are not comfortable anymore and bothered because everybody wants to be comfortable.  That is impossible because we don’t want everyone else to have what we have, because we think we deserve even more.  We may say, it’s our right, it’s not their’s.  They have to earn it as well, and we have to take care of ourselves first? …so …its war.

 This is war: thinking that you are better than another person, where you are in constant fear of being uncomfortable, where you feel threatened by what you hear in the news, where you breed your own new enemies and where your first concern is to stay, yes, comfortable. But by doing that you are in constant war.  You forget that we are all connected, that all a part of the same planet, that the life of a baby in Africa starving of hunger is just as precious as your own baby. I understand that it is hard. I understand it’s not a comfortable feeling. I understand it’s a big step.

 But to truly understand that we are One, all part of this organism called Earth, this blue marble floating through space, this wonderful breathing living place where there is enough food and love for everyone, if we are only willing to share.  That we can sit outside and enjoy the sun on our face, the wind in our hair and realize…

 Here I am in the Now.  It is silent.  It’s safe and warm.  I am well.

 That is Peace in its purest form in the middle of War



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