Noblesse Oblige

by Serenity

The Jedi and the Aristocratic mindset: noblesse oblige. 

That means that you have more than others and that you owe it to others to share your bliss and be of service and behave honorably.  You feel you owe it to the community to give back some of that which you so abundantly possess. So in that mindset, Aristocracy could go very well with the Jedi life it seems. There is only one problem (or several if you really want to be a stickler). People do not have the foggiest idea what aristocracy stands for.


Self proclaimed aristocrats feel they are better than others. Somehow they feel they are different from normal people, an upstairs-downstairs mentality. They sincerely think their feelings and problems are more important than that of those who don’t belong to their clique. In one sentence they can pine after things they miss and yet discard another person’s feelings as unimportant and whiny. Their compassion only stretches to the ones that belong to their clique. The Jedi trains in empathy for everyone, also for the people who have wronged us.  We forgive them and get on with our lives. Self-proclaimed aristocrats place themselves in positions where they can benefit themselves the most and surround themselves with like minded people.  And that is the opposite of what being a Jedi is about, in my opinion.

 When you lose sight of being a Jedi  and crave recognition , it can seem very alluring and it is tempting to give in to their way of thinking. Badges and ranks are within your reach and so is a misconceived perception of respect. Compliments and promises of good positions do the rest.

 But then i have to wonder: what has all that got to do with being a Jedi and being of service? Exactly nothing!  Aristocracy in this form has no place in the Jedi community.

 We are all Jedi, or we are not Jedi.

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