On Emotion – The Human Animal

Oftentimes, we forget that while living enclosed within our animal bodies why some things are the way they are. Most of our animalistic instincts are there to help us survive, not only for one’s self or one’s tribe, but the continuation of the species.

Therefore many emotions that we encounter are animalistic instincts; fight or flight, even love and hate. When we fall in love romantically we are experiencing a biological effect. The same can be said when we feel lonely for not having a mate.  This is your animalistic body telling you what you need to do to fulfill the base instinct of continuation of the species.

We of course are intelligent and can look beyond that.  We must view emotions, in many forms, for what they are. Many times they are road signs telling you to go this way or to not go that way.  We must divorce ourselves from the very front of consciousness in order to evaluate and to meditate on what emotion is telling us.

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