Loyalty and the Jedi

by Serenity

“Only the person who has faith in himself is able to be faithful to others.”
Erich Fromm

When it comes to success in life and career, is loyalty a good thing or a bad thing? Should you be loyal to those who have been there for you? Always? Even after they can’t help you any more?  I think so and I’ll explain why:

 When you mistreat someone who has been there for you, you create an enemy. The more enemies you have, the less people take you seriously and  less people confide in you. More to the point, loyalty is a two-way street. Develop a reputation for “using” people, and you will find yourself used when you least expect it. You will find that you are in on it less and less and find out the hard way that you are considered untrustworthy.  That is not what we as Jedi aspire to is  it? We want people to trust us because we want to be of service and we cant be of service if we are untrustworthy.

 Loyalty is one of the things that people  say is important to them in relationships, be it romantic, friendship, business, or otherwise. Yet some of us don’t make it a priority. One of the main reasons to be Loyal is that in the end, loyalty (like honesty and integrity) is a characteristic people will judge you by. In the long run, your life gets better and easier when there are more people pushing for you than against you.

 Here are a few reasons a Jedi should be Loyal :

  1. Constantly switching sides is confusing and messy.  You have to constantly think and plot and hustle and all that energy is wasted. And we don’t want to waste good energy on silly stuff like considering what side we are on do we?

  2. You will have deeper and more meaningful relationships in your life, people feel safe with you and you will create deeper bonds with people that will stretch over time and distance. It also leads to better communication and all-over well being when in the presence of someone you can rely on

  3. As a Jedi you have to be loyal to yourself as well. You will train yourself to be loyal to your emotions, beliefs, health and responsibilities. Nothing is as confusing and estranging as people who claim to be loyal but take bad care of themselves.

  4. People will come to you with opportunities because they trust you. You can be great at something, but if you are known for screwing people over, people skip you and you will have less growth and reward for your work.

  5. You don’t have to be loyal without boundaries  Being loyal doesn’t mean you have to put up with BS in life; it means you give people an opportunity to show you their true colors and then you make decisions that work for you.

  6. You will be quicker to act when it comes to doing the right thing!

  7. If you’re, for instance, feeling the urge to cheat on someone you love, but just morally can’t allow yourself to do so, then you end a relationship before you cheat and simplify the whole thing for everyone. Needless to say, this does not only apply to romantic relationships but basically every bond of trust that you have created in your life

  8. And last but not least: You are more likely to be treated with loyalty as well. If you are loyal, people will be loyal back. Reasonable people eventually find reasonable people. It can take some time but you will find them.

Loyalty is important for a Jedi.  Short term gain thinking can be tempting but in the long term people tend to keep loyal and stable people around. And the respect that they have for loyal people makes it far less stressful for them to make friendships and other relationships work. You make people feel more wanted in your life when you are loyal.

 And for Jedi its important that people trust them and reach out to them when they need them.

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