Faith and Fluidity

by Streen

As I’ve mentioned many times before in other articles, flowing with the situation is very important. At times, to cling to one’s dissatisfaction or to hesitate can lead to disaster. There is more to it, however. Let us examine Star Wars: Episode I for example.

Throughout the entire movie, no matter how difficult or awkward the situation, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon never hesitated to keep moving. Even when they were required to follow Jar Jar deep under water, they did not stop and think. They immediately plunged in. And so should you.

 This comes with time and training of course. Through practice of awareness, you begin to trust in the Force to guide you and your actions. The basic principle is faith. We’ve all heard this word, but do any of us really know what it means? I will not claim to, for I believe that faith operates on a level far beyond our current understanding. Even so, we need to constantly hold onto it, for it is all that we truly have that cannot be taken away.

 Come to feel the fluidity in your life. Watch for “coincidences”, for we all know that there is nothing that happens by accident. Trust in the Force to provide that fluidity, and everything will happen as it should.

 (From the Jedi Creed Archives)

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