The Barriers of the Intellect

by Streen

As humans, we each have a very unique perspective. We each look at the world in a completely different way because of our experiences, and our biases. It is something we should be greatful for. Individuality.

Yet, there is a problem. Along with individuality, comes opinion, and sides to an argument, and different version of TRUTH.

Relan taught me something very important. If we are ever to have unity, we must knock down these barriers that seperate us merely because of our point of view. Instead of only seeing a certain part of the picture, look at the whole thing. Come to understand other perspectives, even if you don’t necesarilly agree with them. In fact, don’t agree. Don’t disagree either. Just look at it as it is, and the truth will come forth.

You see, the world has become very segregated because of stubborness, and unwillingness to at least listen to another side. Be the open-minded one. Open your eyes to the world. Remember, though, you need unity within yourself, before there can be unity in the world.

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