When You Don’t Fit in, You Do

by Serenity

“I am not like other Jedi”

That is a sentence i have heard a lot in my two years on the Jedi path. We all have ourwonderful qualities and one can learn a lot while being on the Jedi path, even if one does not feel like one fits in. In living like a Jedi we can see that even if we are completely different we can still apply the Jedi values to our life. We overcome adversity by meditation, exercise and eating healthy and trying not to overthink things. But that does not mean that from time to time we don’t wonder.


Is this the Path for me?  I don’t feel a part of it. What am i doing?

There are many places on the internet that provide training schedules aimed at you developing yourself as a Jedi. Some of them lively forums where Jedi from all over the world debate, fight and express their opinion. Its very easy to feel alienated from the rest of the community and feel as an outsider. Sometimes you are even made to feel that way by other Jedi and in the worst case, you don’t trust anyone anymore. Like I already discussed in my article “Trust in the Force” its essential that a Jedi learns to trust himself before anything else. One can put ones trust in the Force first of course but that does not work for everyone. Sometimes that is like yelling “God loves me ” but you don’t love yourself.

The main question is, do you want to be a Jedi and live like one?

If the answer is yes then you have one less thing to worry about, because all you do from now on is aim to grow as a Jedi. That includes things that we try to avoid as Jedi but that we have to face as well like, beating yourself up, wondering if you belong, getting into fights with other Jedi, refusing to accept that you are human, discarding that and spamming your Facebook with heartbreaking stories of how much of a bad Jedi you are, trying to blame others for that, etc. I think you get the point by now. We overcome failure by not giving up, and when we give up, we sleep on it for a night and pick up where we left off the next morning.

 We meditate, eat healthy, exercise so we are able; able to be of service, able to be empathic, able to protect, able to be held accountable and able to hold accountable.  We want to be Jedi because that is what we believe to be a good path. If we do it to belong, we fail.  If we do it to be important, we fail.  If we do it to be loved or respected, we fail.

 We do it because we love to live like Jedi.  We do it for Love and for the Force. The Force is always with us. No matter how hard the voices of confusion scream in our ears. There is always the Force. There is no need to feel like you don’t belong.

 We are all One.

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