Evolution of Thought

by Streen

(From the Jedi Creed Archives)


In most myths, you may recognize many similarities. There is usually one main character, from which comes the story of a path to greatness. There is also a teacher, one who directs the main character, or ultimately the hero, onto this path, which eventually leads to either the vanquishing of a certain evil person, or to the level of a great warrior or wise person. Yet, many of these are told as stories, and are more often than not believed to be nothing more than fairy tales. Do not make this mistake for yourself. You, right now, are also living a myth. You ARE that hero. Trust in this truth, and the Force, and you will see where this can lead you. We are all the heroes. We are all the chosen ones. Yes. Believe it. You have been chosen for great things. If you choose to follow this path, and accept the opportunity that has been given to you, you will therefore see the grand things in life.

There is an old saying; one that seems to be over used among the Jedi today, and has led many apprentices to believe it is untrue. That saying is, “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” The Master can come in many forms. Whether it is a physical teacher, or the realization that the true master lies within, it will happen only at a time that it was destined to. All things happen for a reason, and nothing happens outside of the Force’s plan.

Destiny, however, is very misunderstood. It is said that destiny is that which is prewritten in past, present and future. Do not be led to believe though, that this means that you have no choice about the path of your life. The fact is that no one and no thing can force you to do anything except what it is you want to do in life. This statement is meant to free you from your indecision. Do nothing but what you love to do, and you will see how grand life can be. Choose nothing but love in your decisions, and the rest flows easily.

 The part of this philosophy that most will have a difficult time understanding is that the idea, which you have planned for you, as I stated above, works constantly. So not only are you responsible for the positive in your life, but you are also responsible for the negative. Your soul creates every situation in your life according to what it wants. Of course, some may argue that they didn’t want to get sick. They didn’t want to get into a car accident. This is true. A lot of the time, we do not consciously select these bad situations. But this is where our thoughts come in.

 Thought is one of the most powerful things we have in life. Learning this and experiencing the ability that we all have comes with some responsibility. Our thought races around the world and back again before you can even finish saying the word. The mind-set we are in determines greatly how things turn out in our lives. So not only can you create heaven in your life, but you can also, unfortunately, “put yourself through hell”. So what do we do about this? A little something called thought monitoring. If you have a negative thought, recreate the thought into something new. But right here is where one can run into problems. Let’s consider something that happens regularly to all of us. Let’s say that you start feeling as if you are about to come down with a cold. The first thing that pops into most minds is to resist it with all your ability. But what does this show to the mind? It shows that the cold is there, and you are then admitting to having the sickness, and then you will most likely become sick. If, however, you simply observe what it is that made you think you were getting sick, you will see it in a different light. You will see it simply as it is.  This is not to say you won’t get sick, but your perception of it will change.

 [This article was written almost 20 years ago, and much of it I had to remove or edit for the sake of evolution of thought.  It is truly amazing how much one’s understanding can alter over time.  This is why it is important never to come to conclusions, because ideas are ever-growing, ever-changing things.]

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