Physical Well-Being & the Force (Video)

by Skystriker



Remember, not everyone (Jedi or otherwise) is capable of this routine.

 1) Tire Flip:  Tire flipping is a total body exercise that is similar to a barbell “clean and jerk” and should be conducted with great care. Industrial tires come in many sizes and weights. It is best to choose a tire that one can flip without causing undue stress or injury but challenges the body. First, square off to the tire closely in a squatting position with the head and spine in a neutral position, maintain a lumbar curve, butt down, chest out and grab the outer rim of the tire with both hands where it meets the ground. Lift the tire using explosive power from the legs and core. The upper body and back should not be doing the initial lifting. Once the tire is almost perpendicular to the ground, transition and use the generated momentum and upper body strength to flip it over in order to complete one repetition.

2) Short Run:  I recommend nothing less than 100 meters but no more than 400 meters or quarter mile. Maintain good running form and consider this an active recovery station.

3) Push-Ups:  Push-ups are a very traditional exercise focusing on the chest and triceps muscles. It also engages the core and some of the legs as one is in a plank position while performing them. Maintain a straight body position, supporting the body with the arms extended and hands flat on the ground. Lower the body down by bending at the elbows until the upper arms break parallel with the ground or when the chest touches the ground, push up to the starting position by engaging the chest and arms to complete one repetition.

4) Pull-Ups: Pull-ups work out the shoulders and also engage the core. Mount the bar with a shoulder width, or slightly wider than shoulder width, overhand grip and then pull the body up by using the shoulders, lats and arm muscles until the chin is above the bar. Lower the body back down to the starting position in order to complete one repetition. It is best to avoid kipping or using body momentum to propel oneself up to compensate for lack of strength in the shoulders and arms.

5) Small Tire Overhead Throws:  Small tire overhead throws are somewhat similar to the tire flip as it is a total body workout that incorporates a movement similar to the Olympic weightlifting movements of the power clean and the snatch. Approach the small tire in the same manner as the bigger one for the tire flip: squatting position, head and spine neutral, maintaining a lumbar curve, butt down, chest out and this time, grab the small tire on the inside of the rim furthest from you with an underhand grip. Generate power by engaging the core and legs to propel the tire upwards. When it is almost eye level, engage the upper body to fling the tire in a safe direction behind you to complete one repetition.

6) Sledge Strikes: This exercise can be fun and a good stress reliever. However, it is important to be cautious when beating something with a sledgehammer. This cardio and stamina based exercise works the entire body and gets the heart rate going. Grab the sledgehammer at the top of the neck near the head with the lead hand and the other at the bottom of the trail hand. Square off with the tire about the length of the handle and swing the sledgehammer’s head up over your head with the lead hand and swing down. Simultaneously, the lead hand will slide down the handle during the descent and meet the trail hand. Notice that I end each swing in a partial squat, using my entire body to hit the target as hard as I can. Be careful and anticipate the hammer bouncing back from the tire. This completes one repetition. However, be sure to split the repetitions and change the lead hand in order to achieve bilateral strength.

7) Front Lunges:  A very simple exercise that provides amazing benefits for lower body strength. Start by taking one large step forward with either leg until the knee of the trail leg makes contact with the ground. Ideally, the quad muscle of the lead leg should be at or near parallel with the ground. Use the lead leg to stand back up to the starting position complete one repetition. Switch legs for the next repetition.

8) Box Jumps:  Another great exercise that gets the heart rate elevated and uses a whole host of muscles, especially the core and legs in order to accomplish them. Square off relatively close to a stable surface that is between 20 to 24 inches high, generate power with the entire body by bending the knees, dipping the body down, throwing the arms back and then jump up onto the surface. Be sure to stand fully erect to full hip extension at the top for maximum benefit. Jump or step down to complete one repetition.

9) Air Squats: These elusively target the legs and are one of the most simple exercises that can be done. Stand with feet at shoulder width distance, bend at the knees keeping the chest up, back arched and with head and eyes forward, simultaneously throwing the arms up as a counterbalance. The quads should break parallel with the ground with the butt close to the heals at the bottom of the movement. Stand back up while swinging the arms down back to the starting position in order to complete one repetition.

10) Burpees:  The final exercise is the burpee. This exercise severely taxes the body by using all of it to perform the movement. Start in the standing position and then carefully but swiftly drop into the push-up position until the chest hits the ground. Bounce back up into a squatting position using the chest, arms, and core, followed by jumping up with the arms overhead. Return to the starting position to complete one repetition.

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