The Jedi Handbook

by Streen

As a regular visitor to the Jedi Academy Discussion Forums ( I began to notice a sudden rash of posts about “The Jedi Hand Book”. Curious, I clicked on the message and was surprised to see a very (VERY) long post with a lot of information haphazardly thrown together to form what was supposed to be a summary of what a Jedi should know. I was skeptical, but I downloaded it anyway. What I found after some reading was a lot of good information, but nothing basic that could be considered as a summary, or more importantly, a guide. If there is to be a hand book, there should be no complications. It should be simple. Small quotes, and passages that can help to guide the Jedi, and not explain so thoroughly, a particular way of the Jedi.

However, I am not here to offer one that I have written or accumulated, because the only Jedi Hand book any Jedi needs is the one that he/she writes. Instead of using information that someone else gathered for you, do the work yourself. Write down your thoughts on a daily basis. Not only will it help you to understand how you have developed as a Jedi, but it will allow your thoughts to flow out onto the paper. It is a spiritual learning experience.

 When the day comes for all Jedi to obtain true Mastery, after the body dies, those whom you leave behind can benefit from your wisdom. Go ahead. Grab a pen and a notebook. Start writing. Make your own Jedi Hand Book.

 (From the Jedi Creed Archives)

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