The Mysterious Force

by Streen

They say that the Force that can be named and spoken, is not the eternal Force. The Force is that which cannot be spoken of or fathomed by the human mind. As ancient Tao Masters described it, darkness within darkness. The gate to all mystery.

 You may say that this is all new to you. Everything you’ve learned was completely different from your normal life. But is it really? Is it really new? Or was it already with you? The knowledge of the Force. The depth of all knowledge.

 Did you find the Force, or did the Force find you? Its guidance is there from beginning to end, yet is has no beginning. It has no end. But only when the realization is made once again, do you once again become aware of it.

 The mystery behind the Force is enough to keep one philosophizing to no end. Instead of seeking for an answer to the mystery, embrace it. Feel the mystery and the incomprehensible nature of the Force.

 When you have no answer, you will understand.

  (From the Jedi Creed Archives)

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