The Mosaic

A mosaic is a picture comprised of many different colors and materials, all forming one picture. A shard of yellow topaz could form the center of a flower, with bits and pieces of green glazed tile for grass and leaves, and bits of white porcelain for the petals. Around that could be lapis lazuli for the sky, and perhaps diamonds for stars. Terra cotta tiles could form the trunk of a tree, or perhaps a rock. Yet all these many pieces comprise one picture, with no one segment any more or less important or useful than the rest. We are all a mosaic.

We are all the lapis lazuli sky. We are all the diamond stars, the terra cotta rocks, the green tile grass and leaves, the topaz and porcelain flowers. We each have our own color and texture to add to the human experience. We all have our own different lives to add to the bigger life Force. We are all different, and yet we are all one. Our differences unify us, just as many different colors and textures form the mosaic.

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