Spirit of the Jedi


There is a power greater than all human comprehension.
There is never a time that It is does not exist;
Never a place beyond its reach;
Never a person separated from it.
We have called It by many names,
Yet none have sufficed.
We can call it Joy and Love.
We can call it Unity.
We can call it Freedom.
It is all these things, yet it is none of these.
The symbols distract from the truth.
The image distracts from that which has none.
One cannot point to It, for in so doing,
The rest would be rejected.
It cannot be sought out,
For it is already there with us.
No practice is required,
For there is nothing we lack.
It is everywhere.
It is everything.
All thoughts, all words, and all actions.
It is inescapable.
It is the Source of all things.
It is the Path on which we walk.
It is the “” that sustains us.
There is no contradiction.


At the onset, there is only vagueness.
Learning must begin with ignorance.
Remembrance springs forth once all is forgotten.
Life comes after death, death after Life.
Being unprepared is inevitable,
So don’t strive for readiness,
Or readiness will flee from you.
The path takes many turns,
Ascending and descending as well.
The leaf flows with the stream.
Push it, and it will sink. Let it be, and it will travel further.
It may sink on its own but it is free.
You may travel through mountains and deserts,
Through forests and plains,
And never be able to find it.
That is because it was always with you.


Having a guide on the path does not decrease the distance,
Nor does it make the travel easier.
All that results is greater simplicity.
In order for the lake to be renewed,
It must use streams to empty itself.
At the same time it must receive water from others.
Thus, it is always whole, yet ever changing.
Savor the period of growth.
For in a life that is ever growing,
You will appreciate every moment of your existence.
Random coincidence does not exist.
What occurs is meant to occur, yet there is no plan.
However, life is your creation.
A plan of no plan: The meaning of life is to have no meaning at all.
This is the paradox of the universe.


How utterly infinite the universe,
Though it lies unseen as such.
Thus it is only so when realized to be so.
Through the totality of creation,
We inevitably begin to wonder how do our worries and dreams have any meaning?
Infinite Expansion and Infinite Contraction Converges in the middle.
The middle is the Source of all things.
Realize infinity of the universe And you will realize infinity of the mind.
Realize infinity of the mind And you will realize infinity of the spirit.
Thus there are no limits. Ever.


Nothing matters.
All is void until one enters the void to create that which matters.
Thus the great choice is presented: Limitation or Liberation?
What is Limitation? It is striving.
What is Liberation? It is pure joy in every action and inaction.
One will imprison, One will release.
Thus, all will decide.


Open up. Do not run away, Let go.
When you are ready, it will come.
Everyone has doubts.
It is in our nature to doubt that which we do not understand.
And thus to fear.
Before you can change, realize the present.
Having done so, you may recognize the change.
Solace lies within the moment.
Realize the present moment,
And there will be nothing else to plague you.


External artistic creation springs from inner existence.
The artist lets the soul come forth.
It is the connection: The gateway between the totality and the physical world.
Without complete freedom in art, there is no art.
With unhindered movement, dreams can become reality.
So free yourself!
From guilt. From doubt.
And all that exists within you will be made manifest.
Thus the paradox: Be free from needing freedom, and it will be yours.


Truth is that which cannot be seen with the eyes,
Heard with the ears, or touched by the hand.
Our destiny is not written in stone.
We are responsible for the future.
True destiny is what we create.
Focusing on the negative is easy, but complicated.
The positive is difficult, but simple.
We are a part of nature, yet most have forgotten.
The wise will remember this.


A good artist is always improving one’s work.
The process is never-ending, thus there is always growth.
Good implies evil. Ease implies difficulty. Soft implies hard.
Let go of both sides, and things are done simply.
Why are most conflicts settled by violence?
Why is violence a universal language?
Because loss is rarely forgotten.
Give up everything, and you will have everything.
Most of us cannot say we don’t complain, that we don’t desire.


Look around you. What do you see? What do you know is real? Can you tell?
Let go of the room you are in.
Let go of the things around you.
Let go of the building you are in.
Let go of the things outside… And float comfortably.


Where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you? Who will you be?
These questions are meaningless.
Be nothing and everything at once.
Do nothing and everything at once.
Go nowhere, and thus everywhere.
Every moment is a reincarnation.


There is nothing to say, yet silence is unnecessary.
Having no meaning or purpose, depression may result.
Yet one may realize that with nothing in one’s way,
What is there one cannot do?
Death is life and life is death.
Acknowledge this with every moment of your life,
And the contradictions will cease to exist.
Limitation and Liberation are one in the same!


When you are walking through the rain, do not wince from it.
Do not hide your head from it.
Stand up straight and accept it.
Become a part of the rain.
Enlightenment is not attained easily.
After all, if it was attained easily, who would seek it?
If the truth was obvious, who would want it?
In the mysterious lie questions.
That’s what makes things so interesting.
While you should not always be servant,
and pretend you have no effect on your own path,
you should remember to offer yourself to it.
You cannot expect to receive things without being dedicated.
Failure is not really failure in the sense that we define it,
because failure provides you with information on how not to do something,
which only brings you closer to success.
Embrace failure and you can be free of it.


Brush away the dirt that clouds the mind.
Clean it away until there is nothing left to know.
Then you will be able to flow freely, and there will be no mind to be clouded.
Let go of thinking so it can become a part of you.
All the processes and techniques you learn are only useful for a brief time.
Eventually they make things even more difficult, which is why you must let go.
Let them become you.
Your body, mind and soul.
Letting go implies holding onto.
Free it, and it will stay.
Instead of thinking about body, mind and soul as three separate parts that make up you,
let them become one so that there is no division.
There is no separation. No doubt.
Then, acting, knowing, and feeling, will all become the same thing.


The beauty of the waterfall is that it flows on without our assistance.
Being of no mind is the highest way of thinking.
When you know how it really feels, you cannot speak it.
For the wisdom has no words.
The real purpose… the symbol, cannot be explained.
Life, humanity, the Earth.
Not everything can be taught.
It can be shown how it is learned, but not taught.
It is even a struggle to explain it after the experience.
When you know not how to tell it to another or even how to describe it in your or mind: Then don’t. Let it go. That is the secret.
Something that has no definition, nor a category.


An isolated spider web will catch no flies.
One cannot learn in isolation.
Yet, even in solitude, one can know the world.
No one is alone.
Together and apart are one in the same.


Breathe when you are tired.
Breathe when you wake up.
Breathe when your are angry, or frustrated.
Breathe when you are at peace.
Breathe when you are excited.
Breathe when you are anxious.
Breathe when you are scared.
Always breathe, for your breath moves with the many breaths of the universe.


Everyone needs a hero.
The trick is to not become that hero.
Some battles are fought from without.
All battles are fought from within.
Condemn not, my friend, for All is One.
Peace is not met with a clenched fista but an open hand.
Learning what you aren’t greatly helps you to understand what you are.
The better you know your enemy, the better you know yourself.
To know that which is not you, is to know that which is you.


After reading, and listening, and training for so long, one must realize how complex we allow things to become.
Such is not the way.
Sometimes, we must consciously “forget” what we have learned and let it become a part of us.
Be simple, and people will recognize it.


Emotion and Peace are one.
Ignorance and Knowledge are one.
Passion and Serenity are one.
Life and Death are one.
Nothing can exist without something to compare it to.


Your life does not have to revolve around doing things you “have” to do and avoiding what you want. You should hold onto a vision of life as you want it to be.
Envision a higher self, and focus on that.
You most certainly will have to do things you don’t want to do in life,
but holding on to an idea of who, what, and where you want to be will not only give you hope, but can detach you from your present suffering.


Love is the ultimate power and purpose of life.
It is seen all throughout nature,
in human existence to the greatest and farthest reaches of our universe.
It brings people together so that they may better experience themselves.
It brings planets and stars and galaxies together so that we may have a reality in which to have those experiences.


Unity is the key. Together, all things are possible.
When separate, pain and death rule over all.
Unity is the single perspective from which all problems can be solved.
Fear creates boundaries, while Love tears them down.
Love is limitless.


The journey to be set out on can be compared to that of a leaf floating on a stream.
The stream is the “”, and may take many twists and turns,
sometimes slow, sometimes fast, rocky or smooth.
A person flows with the “” wherever it may take her.


Enlightenment is often simply the goal of being a human being.
The experience of understanding the totality and the individual parts of the universe
gives a person a perspective in which she can perform effectively.


The “” contains all knowledge.
A person therefore keeps an open mind to its insights.
It can provide wisdom in times of difficulty
And answers when there are so many questions.
One need only look within, for WE ARE THE “”.


Size matters not.
Age matters not.
Time matters not.
Size, Age, Time…. these are things that most people think restrict one’s abilities.
Being small does not limit one’s strength.
Youth does not limit one’s wisdom.
Seconds are no less precious than years.
“Impossibility” is a lie.
“Limitation” does not exist.
Faith conquers all that would hold you back.


It’s sometimes said that the truth is what sets you free.
While it can either help remove a harmful inner monologue,
there are times when the truth does more harm than ood.
It can cause a relationship to fall apart,
misunderstandings to form that can further imprison you.
The point being, truth is not what you should seek in order to be free, to be liberated.
Liberation is a choice.
This is not to say that one should lie.
But sometimes silence is better than the alternative.
One must see the truth, change your perspective to a broader horizon so that your vision includes all things, and excludes none.
Nothing can be lost or destroyed, for everything you see is within.
Nothing can be taken from you.
Even death is not a barrier or a limitation.
Free your mind.


One’s place in the world is not always where one feels comfortable.
Sometimes feeling safe is not a sign of one’s destination.
We are all spirits, traveling without end, from one life to another, one world at a time.
There is no path but the one that we make, thus the path follows us. Everything is a cycle.
Pain is a part of life.
One might consider it payment for the gift of existence.
Nothing is accomplished until it has been acquired through pain.
Trust is always a difficult prospect.
Doing so requires one to let go of fear.
When our trust has been violated, the pain experienced is the knowing that one must remain more guarded.
This is a mistake.
To achieve enlightenment, all fear must be shed.
Fear of pain, fear of death, fear of limitation.
There is no single path that we all must follow.
Those that claim that their way is the only way are limited in their perspective.
We cannot all be the same, nor should we try to be.
The human race is that of variety, and therefore we must not allow people to be force into a mold.
Everything is a cycle, an echo of times long passed.


Everything around you is a sign.
Every gust of wind, every scent.
Every sight is a vision.
There is nothing without meaning.
So pay close attention to everything around you.
There is no experience that is insignificant.
What is around you right now? Where are you? What colors do you see? What movement do you see? How did it get there? What trillions of things had to occur in order for your current situation to take place.
Everything around you is a miracle.


The “” flows through all things.
It is both energy and emptiness.
In its form of energy, it is all matter:
people, animals, nature, the land, the city, the ocean, the air, etc.
In its form of emptiness, it is void, and because it is nothingness it can be everywhere.
It is here, it is there.
It is this and that, and everything in between.
What is the different between here and there, this and that, between you and I?
The “” is all things and so there is no difference.
Nothing moves. Nothing changes. All is illusion.
Many people try to tie things down with definitions.
Things are either one thing or another, they would say.
Reality cannot be tied down, cannot be defined.
A reality can be an illusion.
Dreams can be visions.
Coincidences can be Fate.
Imagination can be creation.
Insanity can be insight.
Duality is unity, unity is duality.
All differences are the same.


The “” contains all knowledge, all wisdom, all information, past, present, and future.
It’s been debated as to whether things such as fate and destiny are real, in that our future would be predetermined.
Imagine that you are facing a wall.
On the other side of that wall is your future.
You don’t know what that future is, but you still have the freedom to choose.
The “” could be represented as a person standing on a ladder that could see over that wall.
It knows what choice you’re going to make, yet you are still free to make that choice.
It is a matter of Time. Does it exist?
Could it be an illusion?
If the “” is everything then everything is the same, and by way of logic, nothing moves.
What is time without movement?


Pain is a natural part of life.
It is, more or less, the driving force behind everything we do or decide not to do.
That is not to say that it is unavoidable.
One cannot hope to eliminate pain in your life, but you can change how you respond to it.
Much like light passes through empty space, pain can pass through you, leaving you unaffected.
When you are standing in the rain, most people have a natural reaction to cringe, to duck away from the rain, to hide their heads.
You can approach this idea metaphorically, or literally experience it by standing in the rain and keeping your head up, letting it soak you through to your soul.
Open yourself.
Hold your head up and welcome all that comes into your life.


It is important to realize that you must rely fully on “” for everything in order to be successful in what you do.
It is when we begin to think that we can do things all on our own that we run into trouble. Everything we have, everything we’ve accomplished, comes from “”, and so you must never boast as though you have done something on your own.
This is the foundation of humility.


Wisdom is knowing that you don’t know,
that “” is far greater than any conceptualization we might attempt to place on it.
One should be humble, knowing that there is always more to learn, always more to see, to gain, to achieve.
Living in this manner, you avoid the dangers of pride, of being over confident, and in turn avoid trouble.
Know that the road ahead of you goes on forever, that everything you do comes from “”, and you will have humility.


Enlightenment is a realization, not an action.
It cannot be achieved, it can only be seen as one’s true nature.
Most Westerners believe that enlightenment is some lofty goal that the Easterners seek to achieve.
Along with that belief comes the assumption that there is a process or some sort of action we must undertake, or some particular place you need to be, in order to reach it.
This is incorrect.
The only enlightenment you find at the top of the mountain is the enlightenment you bring with you. Enlightenment is not a result of action, but a result of realization.
There is nothing you can do to become enlightened.
To put effort into becoming enlightened pushes it further away from you, as the thought of becoming enlightened gives rise to the thought that you are not enlightened.
The way around this is to let go of effort.


By doing less, by releasing the pressure you create for yourself, you achieve something even greater:
Inner peace.
Sometimes it is actually necessary to give up.
You don’t always have to fight.
By letting go of one thing, you gain something else.
Yet, the something else you gain has no substance.
It does not take up room in your mind.
It is enlightenment.
That is, you are “enlightened”, or “lighter”, with less weight.


The “” does not arise from anything.
It is everything.
You can’t escape it anymore than you can exit the universe.
In that sense, no religion is required, only awareness.
Knowing where “” came from is like trying to imagine the universe when it was born.
You can’t see it because you cannot stand apart from something that you are a part of.
All around you is “”.
In the sunlight shining down on you.
The wind.
The animals.
Your breath.
A child’s laughter.
When you fall in love.
Every single physical object, every emotion, every spiritual experience—ALL OF REALITY—is “”.
It is unknowable in the sense that it is so close that it is right in front of you,
Like a fish living in water.
It is the destination before you even leave your origin.


The important point is that to be a warrior does not mean knowing how to fight well,
but to have the heart, the drive, the commitment, the self-sacrifice, and so on.
This can be applied to the ways of “”.
What makes a person is not how many classes he takes or codes he memorizes, but her pure desire, her need, to follow the path.


We purposely create problems in our lives that need to be fixed.
Then our existence becomes being about solving those problems.
If we just sit back and stop frittering, the problems go away, and we are at peace.


While “” flows through—and is created by—living things, many make the mistake in thinking that one must commune with nature in order to be a part of it.
The person in general can feel the “” in all the life that surrounds us.
However, this can be done regardless.
One may know the entire universe, without even going outside.
There is more depth that you can experience in your mind than you can out in what you usually call reality.
In complete solitude, even in confinement, one can explore the universe.
Everything that is “out there” is also “in here”.
That is the nature of “”.
The possibilities are vast.
We all know it, but we don’t know that we know.
Imagine all the nights, all the dreams you’ve had, and even every aspiration.
They are more real than you know.
Life creates “”.
But what is life? In every nook and cranny of the universe, whether we detect it or not. Therefore, “” is everywhere… …and everywhere is in you.


What we see and experience in the world what we call Life may not last forever, but our vision is severely limited.
We can no more look before our birth anymore than we can see beyond our death.
But that doesn’t mean our life, our essence, ceases to exist past those points.
Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, one can logically come to the conclusion that life extends far in both directions.


Nothing is ever lost.
Our loved ones die, but that is not an end, it is a change.
This is not a time for sorrow, it is a time for great joy, for they have been reunited.
Not in the sense that they are going back to “”, because there was never a time they weren’t apart from it. Rather, their vision is reunited.
They see, just as we all will some day, that we haven’t been alone, and that the so-called “dust in the wind” that many think we are is not so insignificant.
We matter.
You matter.
Nothing ends.
There are only beginnings.


There are no sides to the Force.
“Falling to the dark side” is a myth.
The truth is, the dark side is not an indentifiable entity,
Much like the concept of cold.  “Cold” is not a thing.
It is an abstract concept that we use to describe a lack of Heat.
Just as darkness is a lack of light.
Light is real, darkness is not.
Now, what’s important to realize is that while the Force does not have a dark side, human beings do.
We live in a world of Yin and Yang,
night and day,
poles of a magnet,
opposites that compliment each other.
These things generally rule over our existence and experiences in life.
People have the potential for both good and evil.
The sides of our hearts should be our concern,
not the sides of any divine being or Force.


What is God but the whole?
Pre-big-bang, the universe was a singularity.
A seed of infinite density.
When it broke through its shell, it became the universe.
From inside the universe as we are, we see many separate things.
But what if we were able to travel far enough outside the universe and look in.
The light from the big bang would not have even reached us yet,
so what would we see?
A singularity.
So the question is, has the big bang even happened?
We are all One
We are the seed.
We are the singularity.
What you see depends on when and where you are looking at the universe.
Time and space are an illusion… unless we decide they’re not.


The concept of Love is simple.
It is the acknowledgement that two are one;
that All Is One.
One must be aware of Yin and Yang for a successful relationship.
People tend to fall in love, and spend every waking minute with the other person.
This is often a mistake, because, to be blunt, you get sick of the other person.
It requires balance, both togetherness and separation.
As the old saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.
Spend too much time together and the love might fade.
Spend too much time apart and your heart aches.
The point between, the middle path, is what leads to happy relationships.


Forget everything.
Remember nothing I have taught you.
Live your life.
This is enlightenment.

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