On Pathetic Lifeforms

by Magdelene

Notice the following quotation from “Star Wars Episode I; The Phantom Menace” by Terry Brooks/George Lucas:

Obi-Wan: (speaking to Master Qui-Gon about Jar-Jar Binx) “Master, why do you keep dragging these pathetic life forms along with us when they are so little use?

Qui-Gon: “He seems that way now, perhaps, but you must look deeper Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan: “I’ve looked deep enough and there is nothing to see. He is an unneeded distraction.”

Qui-Gon: “Maybe for the moment. But that may change with time. Listen to me, my young Padawan. There are secrets hidden in the Force that are not easily discovered. The Force is vast and pervasive, and all living things are a part of it. It is not always apparent what their purpose is, however. Sometimes that purpose must be sensed first in order that it may be revealed later.”

I would like to bring to your consideration a couple of things about this conversation. First the idea of pathetic life forms. Do you have any pathetic life forms in your own life? If you think about it, you’ll realize there are those people you encounter, maybe not on a daily basis, that we just look at them and think “Oh how pathetic.” For another example the pretty person may be walking down the street and pass a slovenly person and think “how pathetic”. Yet that same slovenly person may be looking at the pretty person and thinking “What a pathetic snob.”

Another example let’s say that a banker walks down the street and thinks “Oh what a pathetic looking ugly lady.” That lady goes into a store where she has to stand in line to pay for her purchases and thinks “This is taking an awfully long time, what a pathetic store clerk!” The store clerk walks home that night and passes a park where he spots a man meditating and thinks “Oh what a pathetic hippy.” That pathetic hippy is actually a Jedi who posts online and goes home and reads a forum written by a Sith and thinks “Oh what a pathetic Sith Lord.” The Sith Lord has just accomplished some extreme business tactic which has gained him a lot of money so the next day he goes to the bank and starts a checking account with the banker who has a cold today so he sounds funny and appears inefficient which makes the Sith Lord unhappy and the business gets done, but it causes the Sith Lord to think “What a pathetic banker.”

Now what I’m getting at with all this is to make the point that no matter where you are in this scenario you will always have those you think of as pathetic life forms, but at the same time you are a pathetic life form to someone else.

Now secondly, what do the Jedi say about these pathetic life forms? Obi-Wan is calling them a distraction, and describes them as being of little use. His Master corrects him to say that they are like a secret treasure. Hidden, for the time being, in this vast and pervasive Force that we are all a part of. Their purpose is sometimes hidden but can be sensed now though perhaps not revealed until later.

Now that is true with the person you saw on the street that annoyed you too. Or the constantly irritating person in your life that you constantly look to the Universe and ask “Why?” Or to that person who posts online all the time and you just shake your head and think “Oh, what a pathetic life form.” But consider that same person is a hidden gem whose purpose may not be revealed until later. Also keep it in mind for yourself when you sense you have been placed on someone else’s “pathetic life form” list. Sometimes the people who don’t like something we are doing or just don’t generally like us are wrong. Sometimes they are right about something we need to improve. But either way, we are not diminished as we are all gems hidden in the Force with our purpose and perhaps part or all of our worthiness hidden for the time being in this vast and pervasive Force.

Peace, and may the Force be With You.

—Written by a pathetic life form.

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