Winter Heart

by Streen

Winter has special meaning to me.  This season seems to be the most magical.  It can be summed up in the following Zen folk saying:

 “A heavy snowfall disappears into the sea. What silence!”


 One day, years ago, while I was out sledding with my younger brother, I remember sitting at the top of the hill listening to absolutely nothing, as the snow fell all around me. I closed my eyes and I could feel it. The Force.  The Tao.  Whatever word you use to explain it.  The world sleeps in the Winter, and yet everything is so much brighter.  The snow absorbs little and reflects mostly everything.  It’s cold, yet it brings light.

 It’s somewhat of a contradiction.  Not unlike being a Jedi.  We must bring light wherever we go, but we must be silent, we must listen at all times.  It is the only way to know the Force, for if we are never quiet, we will never know it’s secrets. The Force brings on an understanding of this silence, for once you know it, you know that there is nothing you can possibly say that will do it justice, that will describe it properly, for it is beyond language, beyond all expression.

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