by Streen

Philosophically, living the life of a Jedi is about balance, about not going to one extreme or another.  The Taoists call this The Middle Path.  That in itself is an important aspect of life.  Some use the saying, “everything in moderation”, which is similar enough.  In the graphic novel world of Star Wars, we have the original Jedi, then named Jed’aii, whose lives revolved around not living a life too far into the light or too far in the dark.  In Eastern philosophy we have Yin and Yang; good and evil; light and dark; in and out.  It is said that to indulge in only Yin leads to extreme Yang, and vice versa.

This is not revolutionary knowledge.  These ideas have been understood for thousands of years, though ironically there are few people in the modern world who use it.  The point of this lesson, however, is more than just mere concepts.  This is about physical application.

If you have yet to read Feeling the Force now would be the time, because that technique is a crucial step in the following balancing method. This method is particularly useful for martial artists, since physical balance is so necessary.  However, it is a good way to further your use of the Force no matter who you are.  These steps will help you maintain physical balance and symbolically teach you balance in life:

  1. Once you have the Feeling the Force technique down, then it is time to let the Force flow through you while standing.

  2. Move the Force upwards, almost like a reverse waterfall carrying you higher.

  3. Now, lift one leg, slowly, and raise your hands up next to you, pulling the Force up with you.

  4. Imagine your body is like a helium balloon.  The string hanging from the balloon is your leg on the floor, while the rest of your body floats above it.

  5. Keep raising your leg as high as you can and allow the Force to hold you up.

If you are successful, you have officially used the Force.  Remember: practice, practice, practice.  Balance will come.

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