Meditation basics (1)

As Jedi we meditate on connecting to the Force, we meditate before we make big decisions, to calm down, to reflect on the day to come and the day that went by. When you read the different forums online you can often read that people find it very difficult to sit still and focus and not be distracted. Neither of these things are relevant when connecting to the Force. Things like sitting still, focusing, not being distracted are just signs that we still want to have control over what we are doing, and meditating is essentially a matter of leaving that control at the door and giving over.

 To let things go is one of the most scary things we as humans have to face. Meditation is YOU time, whether you shut everything out and put some music on or meditate on a certain subject, or whether you want to improve yourself or just concentrate on the Force. To connect to the Force is simply to connect to All. It can and will be overwhelming. When you get overwhelmed your breathing changes, this can be frightening. That is why we start with breathing exercises. That is why we don’t tell you to sit a certain way, stay still or ask you to concentrate on a certain “thing”. This is why you have to learn how to breathe first. On that we build further.

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