To Travel

by Streen

Asking the elders in her village, she was told to look through the

A young traveler, seeking knowledge from the Jedi Masters, went on a journey to find someone to instruct her in the ways of the Force.

 Asking the elders in her village, she was told to look through the mountains where they were said to live.  After walking for days, she reached the mountain top and saw only an abandoned hut.

 She returned to her village in disappointment and again asked the elders, who told her of the rumors of a Jedi Master living in the desert.  Once again, she began walking, spending weeks exploring the vast desert, only to come up empty handed.

 As before, she returned to her village, approaching the elders, begging for help in finding a Jedi Master.  They told her a legendary story of a Master who resided in the forest.  Feeling cautiously hopeful, she set off in the direction of the dense forest.  Months passed by before she eventually gave up on her search, and returned to her village.

 The elders of her village saw her coming and went to her, asking, “Were you successful in your search?”  To their surprise, the traveler had an enigmatic smile on her lips.

 “Yes”, she replied, heading back to her home.

 As she passed by the elders, they asked again, “But you did not find a Master?”

 She turned, chuckling, “No.  Of course not.  But you knew that would happen, didn’t you?”  The elders looked to each other, grinning knowingly.

 As she entered her home, a great Jedi Master walked by, greeting her as he passed.  She did not even glance his way, and the Jedi Master smiled.

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